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 Previous knowledge of customer service and fine dining through my work with The Trump Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV & The San Luis Resort in Galveston, TX. I was introduced to the catering standards for the elite when asked to attend large charity events such as; Susan G Koman, Taste of The Nation, & Make-a-Wish Foundation while representing Hometown Pinup. I also attended local classic car shows in Nevada and Texas, and representing organizations; Noah's Ark, MS Society, Wounded Warriors, Epilepsy Foundation, Shriner's Hospitals for Children and local school drives.  

I started looking at the things I was knowledgeable on, looking at my resources, and what I could offer. This is how SKYSET came to be.


SKYSET is an online boutique, shop, and resource for other CFA's like myself.  Implementing my services throughout the site to create the same atmosphere I create for my clients. Providing beautiful products most sought after or hard to come by, all in one location. Since March of 2023 we are continuing to grow and expand.

I am very proud of what SKYSET stands for and look forward to helping you make your travels more enjoyable, productive, and convenient for your profession or otherwise. My purpose is inclusion. Created by flight crew for flight crew.  SKYSET invites all like minded individuals to be part of this journey together.

Currently I am involved with Houston's Monthly CFA Meeting, The CFA Connection, and a proud member of BIZPAC. 

SKYSET also takes donations for aspiring Pilots and Flight Attendants.

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